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Spotless Shield: Acne Defense Surface Patch

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Introducing our "Spotless Shield" Acne Defense Patch Duo.

🛡️ **24/7 Defense**: Keep pesky breakouts at bay day and night with our acne patches.

💪 **Powerful Protection**: Formulated to target and absorb impurities, promoting rapid skin healing for a clearer complexion.

💧 **Advanced Technology**: Featuring hydrocolloid technology, these patches adhere securely to the skin while creating an optimal healing environment.

🌟 **Invisible Defense**: Wear discreetly under makeup during the day or leave on overnight for uninterrupted skin repair.

Say hello to clearer skin with our "Spotless Shield" Acne Defense Patch Duo.

Product information:

Shelf life: three years 

Ingredients: Tea Tree, Calendula Oil

Packing list:

1x132 pieces/bag

2x132 pieces/bag