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Water Striped Hammock Inflatable Floating Bed

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Product features:

1. It is convenient, environment-friendly, portable and can be reused for many times

2. The materials meet the eu EN71 standard and pass the environmental protection 6P test

3. This product is made of high-cycle welding technology, world-class welding technology, completely streamlined design, and strictly tested according to international standards.

4. Beautiful and convenient: the inflatable products are small in size and light in weight, and can be folded and put away when not in use for the next use.


1. Air pump inflation, do not excessive or high voltage inflation

2. Inflate and ready to use

3. The inflatable products (including tires) will leak naturally, which is a normal phenomenon. It should be folded and put away after a long time without use

4. Place in a smooth place without excessive friction and sharp objects.

5. If the product is soiled, please rinse it with tap water